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Offer valid from April 8, 2024 to May 3, 2024

  • Adult rate from 62 euros
  • Child rate free (a child ticket must be combined with a child ticket)
  • Conditions Children with "free" tickets must present themselves at the Park turnstiles with their "free" ticket and be accompanied by an adult. The child's age may be checked. The child must carry identification or proof of age. The free child ticket is valid on the same day as the paying adult ticket.
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Sensations to share with your family!

35 km north of Paris, Parc Asterix is an explosive mix of 50 attractions and shows staged in 6 universes retracing the adventures of the famous Gaul Gaul, the Roman Empire, Ancient Greece, Egypt, the Vikings and Through Time.

"Toutatis", the only attraction of its kind in the world! 

As part of its drive to offer visitors even more thrills, Parc Asterix will be offering a brand-new attraction - the highest and fastest in France! 

With a height of 51 metersThis roller coaster installed in the "Gaul" thematic zone will undoubtedly delight speed lovers with its 107 km/h !

This new area with its exceptional scenography will be completed witha playground for childrena restaurant anda sweet kiosk. Thrill seekers, get ready!

The best attractions

For the older ones

  • The big Splatch : after a trip full of aquatic effects, go down the final descent of 11 meters!
  • Caesar's spies : embark in a monorail in the colors of the Roman legion and overhang the park
  • The oxygenarium : in a whimsical scenery, board a family buoy to enjoy the 195 meter downhill toboggan ride
  • National 7 : do your toddlers dream of driving like you? let them take the wheel to discover funny and unexpected scenes.

For the youngest

  • Oziris : Lighthouse attraction park, embark for this big eight where you will have your feet in the void, guaranteed sensations !
  • Goudurix Another roller coaster, where you can link loops and spins, one of the most "stunning" roller coasters in Europe
  • The trace of Hooray a new version of the bobsleigh "made in Gaul", which hurtles down a high course at 60 km/h
  • Thunder of Zeus : totally designed in wood, its 30 meters height will impress the most adventurous, under the eye of Zeus. Lightning!

Warning: for some attractions, you must respect a minimum size, check before you start that the whole family is above


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