An exceptional outing in a unique place
Free for children under 3 years old
the Thoiry zoo safari

The Thoiry zoo is a unique space for see animals. It is not only a classic zoo, it is also a huge space where animals are free and where you can observe them on safari, it is also a place where you can see them from the outside. an amusement park The zoo has spectacular playgrounds and a castle to discover. It is recommended to plan a full day if you want to make the most of Thoiry Zoo.

At the moment in the castle of Thoiry : « Les lumières sauvages »

  • From October 31, 2021 to March 6, 2022 dFrom 5 to 8 pm
  • of the illuminated animal sculptures and placed in the gardens of the castle of the park. 1500 animals to discover, sparkling, luminous, fairy-like?
  • Duration about 1 hour
  • Plus d’infos sur « Les lumières sauvages)

The zoo of Thoiry

  • do glass tunnels to observe hyenas, lions and Siberian tigers
  • discover Wild Forest (a space of 8000m2, new in 2019) with its gigantic aviary of 500m2 and 10 meters high (new in 2019) for the preservation of the fauna and flora of temperate forests, the deer foresta family of raccoons and arctic foxes
  • do the LemurTrek Bridges that connect the lemur islands (white-fronted lemurs, black lemurs, red-bellied lemurs, black and white varis, red varis)

Feeding the animals

(free entertainment included in the price of the safari ticket)

You will be able to discuss and exchange with the caretakers and watch the animals being fed. Before leaving, consult the schedule of events with the caretakers. Schedules change depending on the time of year

Tickets for the Thoiry Safari + the Thoiry Wild Lights Festival

Games and attractions

The zip line (from 8 years old)

  • 500m of zip line above the lion enclosure and above the African plain
  • Tyroliennes at 20m height
  • Paying activitynot included in the price of the safari ticket: tickets are sold at the foot of the zip lines

The Air Park safari (for children and adults)

  • 1,500 m2 of rebounding net surface stretched between the trees, at a height of 9 meters
  • An incredible view of the African safari plain
  • Free activityincluded in the price of the safari ticket.

Playground (for children under 12 years old)

  • it is the island of mysteries, a place where children (under the supervision of parents) can have fun and slide
  • attention, there are several entries and exits
  • Free activityincluded in the price of the safari ticket.

The labyrinth

  • the "Great challenge of the labyrinth": a participative and playful game in the middle of nature with the resolution of enigmas to get out of the labyrinth "alive
  • There is strength in numbers, so stick together! The adventure is more fun with several people and it's less stressful than being alone.
  • the game lasts between 30mn and 1h
  • There is a special course for baby adventurers in strollers accompanied by their parents, of course!
  • Free activityincluded in the price of the safari ticket.

The castle of Thoiry and the gardens

  • The visit of the castle and of its gardens
  • It takes place weekends onlyin the afternoon from 2pm to 6pm (indicative schedules, subject to change by its occupants)
  • The castle is still inhabited by Count Edmond de Panouse, his wife Colomba and their children. It is the 13th generation of this family to be the occupants.
  • Free visitincluded in the price of the safari ticket.


  • Plan the day if you want to enjoy all the attractions (free or paid) and take the time to explore the whole domain of Thoiry Zoo
  • 3 restaurants or snacks (inside or with terrace) are waiting for you for your lunch break: the Explorer's Canteen (every day during school vacations from 12:00 to 15:00), the Yurt Camp (every day the Thoiry ZooSafari is open, from 12:00 to 15:00) and the Masoala (from 14:00 to 17:00, depending on the weather and closed in winter). We advise you to check the opening days and hours before coming
  • You can also picnic on site

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