Musical Storytelling - For ages 4 - 8

The melody box

  • WE LOVE : pole dance meets theater for young audiences!
  • AGE : for ages 4 - 8
  • DATE:  Until November 30, 2022 (including November 1)
  • DURATION: 50 minutes
  • LOCATION: Essaion Theater (Paris 4th)
la boite à Mélosique, show for children

La boîte à mélosique: a musical tale that breaks codes with ... pole dancing

  • In the melody box live Jean-Sébastien and Isadora
  • She dances, he plays music, the mechanism clicks and the moon and stars light up.
  • One night, however, things don't go as usual. And so begins a fabulous journey which, as they meet each other, will lead them to their own destinies.

  • The originality: the play combines theater, poetry, music and... pole dancing!
  • It was necessary to dare!
  • The result is very successful and the whole very visual.

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