Reopening on April 8, 2023
The theme park on the theme of the Conquest of the West
The ideal outing with 3 - 11 year olds
  • WE LOVE : the adventure at the time of the Conquest of the West, the meetings with cowboys and Indians, the exceptional natural setting
  • WHEN : April 9 to November 6, 2022
  • AGE : Ideal with 3 - 11 year olds
  • PLACE : Ermenonville, Picardie 60950 - 45 min from Paris by car
  • RATE : Tribe ticket from 21,50?
The sea of sand (in Oise)

The Sea of Sand: the theme park dedicated to families

  • This theme park offers manyattractions and fun activities for children
  • It is a park on a human scale, ideal with children from 3 to 11 years old
  • 2/3 of the attractions are accessible to children from 90 cm
  • There is special attractions for 3-6 year olds (the Bayou of the Chikapas, the Beaver River, the Desert Raid?)
  • And attractions for older children (from 1.00 or 1.20m) and the most reckless Silver Mountain (a mine train), Tiger Express (a roller coaster), Disco Loco (a large disc that spins on itself) ?
  • The environment is exceptionalin the middle of nature. 45 hectares in the heart of the forest of Ermenonville and its incredible natural dune of 20 hectares
Sea of sand :silver mountain
the train attack

The Sea of Sand: the theme park on the conquest of the American West

  • The attractions are around the great spaces of the Wild West
  • Come and live the eventful life of the great American West at the time of the gold rush, meet the cowboys and the Indians ...
  • The activities are organized around of 3 universes the Mississippi Valley, the Colorado Canyon and finally the New Mexico desert
  • In the Mississippi Valley, 9 attractions to discover mysterious swamps, strange animals and incredible plants
  • In Colarado Canyon (7 attractions), the most daring will love it the Silver Mountain where the Cheyenne river
  • The desert of New Mexico (10 attractions) leads you through an arid landscape, with sandstorms and cacti...
the far west at the sea of sand

The Sea of Sand: 3 shows per day

  • The Sea of Sand offers each day 3 live performances lasting 20 minutes
  • Always on the theme of the Wild West, they feature stuntmen, Indians, cowboys and horses
  • The shows are included in the price of the entrance ticket
  • This year's program includes:
    • 12h : "Lightning and gunpowder"A slapstick comedy full of stunts and special effects 
    • 14h30 : "The train attack"the mythical spectacle of the Mer de Sable, its waterfalls and its great equestrian rides
    • 16h30 : "The 3 Nations Tournament"an equestrian show combining acrobatics and dressage
show at the sea of sand

The Sea of Sand: good to know

  • The park is free for children under 3 years old
  • It is imperative to come by car (free parking)
  • For the schedules, see the site here
  • There is 9 catering outlets (restaurants, snack bars) and picnic areas scattered throughout the park
  • Pets are not allowed on the site
  • Each year, La Mer de Sable celebrates Halloween, with "the Dreadful Sea of Sand"
  • By car, the Mer de Sable is located at 45 minutes from Paris20 minutes from Roissy CDG, 35 and minutes from Meaux

Practical information

See schedule details Open every Wednesday, weekend and every day of school vacations between April and November

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