Big event on June 3, 2023
4:30 pm to 11:30 pm, Ermenonville (60)
La Mer de Sable celebrates its 60th anniversary

The program for the anniversary evening at Mer de Sable

  • 16h30 - Opening of the park for the anniversary evening
  • 17h30 - Vaulting show at the Corral
  • 19h30 - Special anniversary performance on the dune (site of the park's legendary "Attack on the Train" show)
  • 21h - Attractions closed
  • Fireworks to close the evening

Throughout the evening, the park will host street entertainment featuring falconers, balloon sculptors and face painters. All in a musical and festive atmosphere, with the participation of KhrissGulli's famous choreographer, who will invite you to dance to a choreography specially created for this special evening.

Single rate for this evening event: adult/child 24 €
(ticket valid for access to the Mer de Sable from 4:30 pm to 11:30 pm)

La Mer de Sable: 60 years and still a child's soul!

  • La Mer de Sable is an ultra-fun theme park based on the Conquest of the West.
  • Join cowboys and Indians for a memorable evening
  • La Mer de Sable is located in an exceptional natural park with 45 hectares in the heart of the Ermenonville forest and its incredible 20-hectare natural dune.
  • An ideal park for children aged 3 to 11.
the far west at the sea of sand

Practical information

View schedule details From 4:30 pm to 11:30 pm

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