The educational playground totally dedicated to families - A concept thought for children ... and their parents! (Paris 11e)

At "Les enfants de l'Arbre vert", while the children play safely in playgrounds (0-3 years, 3-6 years, motor skills area), parents can take the time to relax and relaxto meet withother parentsto exchange around a hot drink and small sweets.

The green tree, space for the whole family

The idea of this place for children and parents is to create a link between parents and children, to meet, have fun and support each other in a space "kids friendly", adapted, warm, caring, secure for everyone.

Les enfants de l'arbre vert : the educational playground totally dedicated to children and parents

  • Les Enfants de l'Arbre Vert, is an indoor structure, designed for the well-being of children and parents
  • It is composed ofplaygrounds for children.  The children's areas are adapted to the age of the children: area for 0-3 years old, area for 3-6 years old, and motor area
  • And relaxation areas for parents so that they can meet with otherother parentsand exchange around a hot drink and small sweets
  • Les Enfants de l'Arbre Vert, is a structure founded in January 2020 by an Educator of Young Children
  • The structure's operation is inspired by active pedagogy Montessori and Pikler-Loczy
  • Children can be accompanied by their parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, neighbors, babysitters, childminders...any responsible adult! 🙂

Les Enfants de l'Arbre Vert" offers :

  • of the 2h30 free play sessions in adapted, secure play areas (with reservation) 
  • workshops for the whole family, led by qualified professionals: baby sign workshop, musical awakening for toddlers, decanting, Montessori workshops, baby gym, sensory workshops, workshop on sleep, emotions of the child, workshop "first aid for babies and young children"...
  • of the birthdays "turnkey 

the green tree parent space
the children of the green tree

The children of the green tree: practical information

  • the number of children is limited to 10accompanied by an adult, in a room of about 100m2,
  • the opening hours :
    • Tuesday 3:30-6pm,
    • Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 10am-12:30pm and 3:30pm-6pm,
    • Saturday and Sunday 10am-12:30pm and 3pm-5:30pm (except when closed for birthday parties!)
  • The address 106 avenue Philippe Auguste, 75011 Paris
  • The rates From 17.5€ for a 2h30 adult-child session. Possibility of multi-access cards with sliding scale rates

the children of the green tree

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