In the garden of the castle of Nanterre
Duration 1 hour
With family (from 12 years old), friends, EVJF, EVG, extracurricular

The Escape Game "Operation GreenFinger" is an unusual outdoor treasure hunt for young people from 12 years old, with family or friends... It takes place at the Château de Nanterre, a unique place focused on sustainable food. It is an escape game in augmented reality thanks to the use of tactile tablets. It plunges you into the world of whistleblowers and hackers. Will you be able to fight against a large secret organization that threatens the future of the planet? You have 1 hour to face the challenges in team.

  • It's a escape game in virtual reality unfolding outdoors
  • In the garden of the castle of Nanterre (92)
  • Rate 14€ per person
  • Duration of the game : 1 hour
  • Age From age 12

Same price as direct!

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An augmented reality treasure hunt, a top activity with teenagers

  • You only have 60 minutes to pass all the tests and challenges of this outdoor virtual Escape Game
  • Maximum reflection, creativity and fun are at the rendezvous!
  • It is a very with family or friends.
  • The game focuses on teamwork, logical thinking, sense of direction and speed
  • It is not necessary to have special knowledge, the game is designed for all

The pitch:

You play the role of whistleblowers who have been investigating for several years the ultra-polluting activities of a large multinational company that threatens the future of the planet. Just as you are about to reveal this information to the world, you discover that all your data has been stolen during the night by a dangerous group of hackers. 

Your mission: Find their trail, foil their traps and get your hands on your data before their imminent destruction.

The course of the treasure hunt / escape game :

  • Allow 5 minutes for the activity briefing
  • Your team's mission is to fight against a malicious secret organization... Time is of the essence, you have 60 minutes, no more!
  • Armed with a tablet, each participant will make small characters appear thanks to augmented reality
  • They will help you solve puzzles and find out how to save the planet

A nice way to celebrate a birthday

  • Ideal from 12 years
  • The birthday package includes the game, a cake, drinks, candies and decorations
  • Youth are first greeted by a dedicated facilitator who is there to guide them and explain the game.
  • The escape game lasts 1 hour. Afterwards, the participants meet in the veranda where the birthday party takes place.
  • The success rate is 80%. It's up to them to rise to the challenge!
  • The birthday package can accommodate from 4 to 30 young people

Additional fee for a birthday party

  • Freedom offer at 5 euros per player: players enjoy a table for an hour in the grounds of the Château de Nanterre.
  • The escape offer at 8 euros per player: players enjoy a table and we provide sweets + drinks.
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Star Star Star Star Star - great game! quite complicated, but not too much for twelve/thirteen year olds!
Written by karin colonna, 09-01-2022

My daughters and their guests really enjoyed the game. I came with one less person than registered. I was told I would be reimbursed. I'm not sure I got my money back.

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