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Family, from 10 years

The must-see show for your teens and pre-teens

  • WE LOVE : a funny and dynamic piece!
  • AGE : from 10 years
  • DATE: untilthe January 7, 2024
  • DURATION : 1H10
  • LOCATION: at the Comédie Oberkampf (Paris, 11th)

Are you the parent of a teenager or several teenagers? You want to see what your own life and daily life is like! A mirror effect piece that will make you laugh a lot.

Parents have as much fun as teens (or more). To see absolutely with them.

The Pitch Chloe is a teenager who gives her parents a run for their money. She disrupts the smooth running of the house. Her parents try to find the right recipes to survive this tornado.

How to con mom ? How to con dad? How to victimize parents? What about school, shopping, first love, pocket money, toilets, grannies, scooter, first kiss...

The teenager is connected H24, the father is resigned, the mother exhausted.

Come see if these parents were able to tame the raging beast. And come find out if the teenager was able to overcome it.
Best enjoyed with the family.

once a teenager, always a teenager

At the moment, in and around Paris

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