Family Jazz time for a snack in a real jazz club

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: Jazz for children with the formula Taste (cake, sweets, drink)
RATE :  a single price of 10 € for adults and children + snack 5 €
AGE :  from 2 to 3 years old
Location:  At Sunset Sunside, jazz club (Paris 1st)

les gouter jazz du Sunset Sunside

  • Jazz & Goûter concerts take place at Sunset Sunside, a real old-fashioned club.
  • Every Sunday, a concert for children with a different theme. All styles are discussed.
  • The programming is child-friendly, even toddlers (from 2/3 years old).
  • The room is very small: an advantage and a disadvantage. The children are really close to the artists, but they can not circulate during the concert.
  • We listen, we are educated, we share. Jazz, what!
  • With the concert, afternoon tea : cake, sweets, drink for 5 euros
  • Every Sunday, 2 sessions of about 50 minutes each at 15h and 17h, from October to April.
  • The price concert is 10 €. The snack: 5 €.
  • Tickets can only be purchased online, online


gouter jazz sunset

Every Sunday. A concert at 15h and another at 17h
  • February 9: JAZZ & TASTE party Miles Davies with Leila Olivesi - piano I reserve

concerts pour enfant à Paris

Practical information

View schedule details Every Sunday at 15h and 17h from October to April

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