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The private tour "Street Art in Belleville

  • The tour guide will take you to this amazing neighborhood, cradle of Street Art in Paris: it is one of the richest and most interesting neighborhoods for to see Street Art in Paris
  • On walls, doors, shop fronts, urban art (or street art) with its graffiti, drawings, collages is everywhere
  • It's a real "spot" where artists express themselves with often ephemeral works
  • This visit aims to explain the origins of Street Art and the different modes of expression of more or less known artists (painting, stencil, collage, etc.)
  • An ideal guided tour with children and a hit with pre-teens and teens
  • Points of interest on the course the rue de Tourtille, the rue Piat, the rue Julien Lacroix and of course the famous Denoyez Street where you will discover an impressive space with its walls completely covered
  • Age this visit is suitable for all children of all ages
  • The neighborhood Belleville (20th district)
  • VR Location : Belleville metro station (line 2 and 11)
  • duration 1h30 (about 2km)
  • Visit provided by guides (in French or English)
  • Mandatory presence of at least one adult during the visit if it has been booked for a group of young people

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