• WE LOVE : a lovely, fun and educational show in song
  • AGE : 2 to 9 years
  • DATE : until June 30, 2024
  • DURATION: 35 minutes
  • LOCATION: at the Comédie Tour Eiffel (15th district)

The adorable and instructive "Little bee knows how to make honey" show

This is the story of a little bee who tells you a huge secret: the recipe for honey.
She'll invite you into her home, the beehive, and introduce you to her mother, the Queen Bee (who'll tell you all about her 60,000 children!).
She'll lead you through a field of flowers, which for her is like a huge candy store...
She'll gather pollen and nectar from the flowers alongside you.
Along the way, she'll perform pollination. She'll explain why you can eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day...
Little bees know how to make honey and share it with us, so let's protect them to thank them.

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