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  • WE love Grimm's tale freely revisited
  • Age: for the 5 - 10 years old
  • Duration: Until May 29th
  • Location: Théâtre Essaion (Paris 4th)
Snow White, revisited at the Essaion theater

An initiatory version of Snow White

  • Original, the show begins with the last part of the tale
  • Based on the original tale, "Snow White and the Spell Wood" is set in the wood where Snow White was born. Blanche is abandoned by the hunter.
  • Encounters will help her to grow, to tame her fears, to understand that she is unique in the middle of a whole to which she is connected. of a whole to which she is connected
  • The staging emphasizes the difficulty of the child facing an adult who forbids him to grow up, and the initiatory path he will have to follow to become a grown-up. to grow up, and on the initiatory way that he will have to follow to become big
  • "Even though we know the story, we are held in suspense by this refined version" Le Parisien
  • A 50 minute show

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