Trees singing in Paris
Unusual and free outdoor concert
from 10 to 20 September in the gardens of the Royal Palace

Singing Trees

WE love
a concert of trees!
Age :  for everyone
When:  from 10 to 20 September from 9am to 8pm
Rate :   Free for all

Singing Trees: the unusual, family-friendly and free concert

  • Singing Trees is an installation mounted by the Théâtre du Châtelet and the Louvre Abu Dhabi, as part of Ircam's ManiFeste-2020 festival.
  • Trees singing in the garden of the Royal Palace to raise awareness of the impact of global warming
  • It is a digital installation hidden in trees that responds to human contact and air quality.
  • It is an artistic, sensory and civic experience. With the support of Bloomberg Philanthropies, 50 "augmented" trees will sing tunes under one condition: on the air quality be good.
  • In the event of a pollution peak, the trees will remain silent, unless the warm embrace of a passer-by restores their vigour.
  • The musical program consists of songs: Legs Logs by Pierre Senges and Pierre-Yves Macé (creation), All is full of love by Björk; Noces à Grenelle by Abd Al Malik and traditional songs: L'Ayyala (Arabic)
  • I'm siiiiii-nging in the trees ...



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View schedule details From 9am to 8pm every day from 10 to 20 September

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