• WE LOVE the fun atmosphere in the room, pop and queer culture
  • AGE : from age 14 (explicit content)
  • DATE : until April 21, 2024
  • DURATION: 2 hours
  • HOURS: at 8:30 p.m. - Tuesday to Sunday
  • RELAX Monday
  • LOCATION: at Lido 2 (Paris 8ein the Champs Elysees)
    • In OV with French subtitles on screen
    • you'll meet fans dressed as glamorous vampires and lovers of kitsh

Due to the sexually explicit scenes, the production is not suitable for children under 14.

"Rocky Horror Show" is a crazy, over-the-top, immersive show! And for the party to be a complete success, you'll have to leave all your prejudices behind and get into the queer spirit!

Rocky Horror Show” : a glam rock show to die for!

  • The "Rocky Horror ShowEast a cult musical presented in England for the first time in 1973
  • The show at Lido 2 features 15 artists accompanied by a 5-piece orchestra.
  • The pitch: One stormy night, the newlyweds' car breaks down... Janet and Brad have no choice but to knock on the door of a mansion...
  • Arriving in the midst of the festivities eccentrics and decadent, the slightly uptight couple discover a world populated by strange, provocative characters.
  • The master of the house, the self-proclaimed "Transylvanian Transvestite" Dr Frank-N-Furter, is about to create Rocky: an attractive creature, an aesthetically perfect man for him.
  • In the room the fun atmosphere is guaranteed: thehe fans are dressed up and singing the quirky rock refrains they know by heart from the 80s film. Fun atmosphere guaranteed!
  • In fact, it's quite common for them to humorously call out to the actors on stage
  • Everything is assumed in this good-natured show that unquestionably brings together several generations.

Press coverage ...

  • LE PARISIEN "Wild hits and a crazy story, transgression, humor, rock and glam rock".
  • TELERAMA An ode to transgression as breathtaking as ever".
  • LE FIGARO Rocky's triumph at the Lido. It's madness!"
Rocky Horror Show at Lido 2 Paris

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