Musical show - For all, from 3 years old

Scarlett : musical show for young audiences

  • WE LOVE : an intelligent show about difference
  • AGE : for children from 3 years old
  • DATE:  Until May 4, 2023
  • DURATION: 55 minutes
  • LOCATION: Comédie Saint-Michel (Paris 5e)

Scarlett: voted best show for young audiences 2020

  • Scarlett is a fairy tale and poetic that addresses the theme of difference and autism
  • It is an intelligent show that opens the reflection on the difference, the meaning of life and happiness

  • The show tells the story of Scarlett who lives in the Land of Rainbow, a world all in color. However Scarlett is different, she is all in black and white, so everyone laughs at her
  • To escape from this hostile world, Scarlett has a little bag made of stars with magic candies inside. Every night, she eats a magic candy and hop! She flies to the other side of the sky, behind the clouds. There, it's her own world where she can do whatever she wants, whatever she wants...
  • Until the day she loses this precious key to her world of illusions. She, who has never spoken to anyone, sets out on a great journey to find it. On her way she meets strange characters, all prisoners of their fears and doubts. By helping them, by loving them, she heals herself little by little...
  • It is a musical show with songs, a viola, an accordion, a guitar and a clarinet. Each instrument illustrates the different colors of the Rainbow Country and the moods of Scarlett
  • The show is punctuated by a subtle balance between dialogue, songs and music

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