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Angélina, a renowned tea salon in Paris
Angelina, salon de thé et patisserie à Paris

WE love
one of the best hot chocolate in the capital
Specialties:  his mont-blanc, his hot chocolate
Atmosphere:  an institution full of charm and tradition
Places :   several addresses in Paris: 226 rue de Rivoli (historic site), Jardin du Luxembourg, Galeries Lafayettes and Palais des Congrès

Angélina: a must-have tea room in Paris:

Angelina is the most famous Parisian tea roomswith its mythical hot chocolate and the famous Mont Blanc., the specialty of the house (it sells up to 600 per day).
The setting of the Angélina tea room of 226 rue de Rivoli, located opposite the Tuileries, is Belle Epoque style. That's wonderful. The house was created in 1903. It is an institution. She was frequented by Proust and Coco Chanel.
Very nice at lunch time (a club sandwich will suffice for two young children, croques and salads.The hot dishes are quite expensive.It is very good, very Parisian! We advise you to book.


Angélina: small details on the map, just to make you want!

The Angélina Tea Room is "world-renowned" for its incredible hot chocolate (very thick and unctuous) and for its cake made of chestnut cream, The Mont Blanc. It is true that they are both excellent and unsurpassed. The Mont Blancit is meringue combined with light whipped cream and vermicelli with chestnut cream.sealed Hot chocolate called "the African", is composed of three cocoas of African origins: Niger, Ghana and Ivory Coast and the recipe remains secret ...

We come to Angélina at any time of the day, for breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea.



le salon de the Angelina et son célèbre chocolat chaud

Angélina: several addresses in Paris

The historic restaurant of Angélina is that of the Tuileries (226 rue de Rivoli). It is an institution with its old woodwork of belle époque style. It's a handy address after a walk in the Tuileries or the Louvre Museum. If possible, book, you will avoid the tail. In Paris, new Angélina addresses have opened in recent years. You will find the Angélina tea rooms at the following addresses in Paris:


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