Hippopotamus the restaurant, specialized in meat, which welcomes children

Many addresses in Paris

  • Specialties: Meat and more meat...
  • WE love : The children's welcome and the Crominus menu. Open on Sunday.
  • Budget: 7,5 euros the Crominus menu. Very frequent promotions

Children are kings at Hippopotamus!

Hippopotamus is one of those big restaurant chains where it's easy for families to eat to eat there because the children are kings. This chain of restaurants, specialized in beef, thinks of the little ones as well as the older ones: High chairs for the little ones, balloons, game books and video screens with cartoons. .

Quality meat and fast service

We don't go to Hippopotamus for a particular atmosphere, but because we know that the meat is very good and the service is fast and efficient. The specialty of Hippopotamus is beef which is declined under all its pieces: flank steak, You choose your dish, your garnish and the sauce. Count between 15? and 30? per piece of meat. For children, the Crominus menu is plentiful (up to 12 years) and really nice price of 7,50? This kid's formula is very complete with a dish to choose from (cheesburger, chopped steak, chicken, breaded fish), several desserts and drinks to choose from. Hippopotamus, it's not is not a very original address, but it is a restaurant where you know that the meat will be good and where families families are welcome.

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Practical information

See schedule details Every day from 11:30am to 10:30pm (Friday and Saturday until 11:30pm)

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