Activities at the Paris Zoo around "Fantastic Creatures"
  • We like: observing animals up close with specialists
  • For whom: children and teenagers
  • When: October 17 to November 1 inclusive
  • Location: Paris Zoological Park (12th)
  • Rate :  included in the price of entry to the Zoo (supplement for some entertainment)

Wild dates are... at the zoological park of ParisA privileged moment of encounter between experts, animals and visitors of the ZooThese meetings take place every day during each school holiday in Zone C. The programme includes food, guided tours, backstage access, culinary workshops, mini exhibitions, etc., each with a different theme each time.

FANTASTIC CREATURES: the wild rendezvous of the 2020 All Saints' Day holidays

During the All Saints' Day holiday and on Halloween, the zoo highlights fantastic creatures. Between real and imaginary, during wild dates, plunge into a fantastic universe. Numerous animations are programmed to discover amazing species such as the wolf, the manatee, the ibis... and many other animals, which have inspired many chimeras and legendary creatures. The program includes a new exhibition on chimeras, manual activities, creative workshops, and meetings for families with caretakers and mediators (subject to availability).

This fall's wild dates include:

  • Lecture: What powers and qualities are attributed to spiders? How are they perceived in the world? What are the tales and legends that evoke them? With Christine Rollard, arachnologist at the MNHN
    Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 October, at 11:30 a.m.
    Included in the entrance ticket
  • Snake Conference Fantasized, the snake often transforms itself into a chimeric or symbolic creature (hydra, snake-woman, dragon). Why is this animal so captivating and disturbing?
    With Françoise Serre-Collet, herpetologist at the MNHN
    Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 October, 4.30 pm
    Included in the entrance ticket
  • Mini exhibition at the Chalet: chimeras, hybrids and other fantastic creatures
    Open every day
    Included in the entrance ticket
  • Guided tours: on the trail of chimeras
    The objective of the mission: to find the traces of a legendary chimeric creature.
    An enigmatic treasure hunt to meet fascinating animals that have inspired myths and legends about chimeras, fantastic creatures half-man half-animal.
    For families (from 6 years old).
    From October 17 to November 1: every day, at 10:30 a.m.
    Fare: 5 euros in addition to the entrance ticket (online sale, limited number of seats)
  • Story readings for children
    In the company of a storyteller, young and old alike are invited to discover bewitching and fantastic stories...
    Saturday and Sunday 25 October, from 2 pm Included in the admission ticket, limited number of seats
  • Playful animation around chimeric creatures
    This workshop for young and old, combining play, imagination and pedagogy, consists in recognizing which animal species are represented among the proposed chimeras, and in making an ideal creature inspired by the fascinating species of the Paris Zoological Park. From 19 October to 1 November: Every day - 2, 3 and 4 pm.
    Included in the entrance ticket
  • The day shivers
    October 31, 2020 from 10 am to 5 pm
    The chimeras take possession of the Paris Zoological Park for a thrilling day. On the program, a large parade of fantastic creatures (by the Compagnie Zizanie), games and original workshops on the theme of chimeras, for young and old. And to celebrate Halloween with dignity, anyone who comes in costume will benefit from a 20% discount (valid at the ticket office for the day of October 31 only, on adult and children's full price tickets).


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