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  • WE love : his poetry and his virtuosity. Attention: final show
  • Age: for all, from 5 years old
  • Duration: From September 26 to December 30
  • Location: Espace Chapiteaux, Parc de la Villette (Paris 19ème)

On the program of last show of Cirque Plume you will find: umbrellas, shadow puppets, the moon, colorful games? This is for the decor. For the spectacular : wire, aerial hoop, Chinese mast, ground acrobatics, contortion? 14 artists, musicians, dancers, burlesque characters, half-man, half-animal lead the spectators into the colorful poetry of the seasons. of the seasons. "The Last Season" takes us into the magical world of the forest. Reflection on nature, the seasons seasons and the planet in danger, but above all poetic, humorous and virtuoso show. A show of 1h50.

Since 1984, Circus Plume has been revolutionizing the art of circus. His touch, his signature The music is omnipresent, the rhythm, the colors and always the poetry. Cirque Plume is a whole atmosphere, with its artists of all ages, its jazz music on which the acrobats levitate, its dreamlike with feathers falling like snowflakes. Today, its founder is approaching 70 years old and wants to give way to young people. The transmission is assured, for our greatest pleasure, the new circus has become an art form in its own right.

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