A collection of contemporary art exhibited in a unique place

(including temporary exhibitions)
(free for -18 and -26 years old EU residents)

The Bourse de Commerce - Pinault Collection

The place is very beautiful, of circular form, surmounted bya magnificent dome. The Chamber of Commerce leaves the premises in 2016. The Bourse de Commerce becomes an exhibition space for François Pinault's contemporary art collection managed by the Pinault Collection.

Currently at the Bourse de Commerce

Until July 2022Children are invited to join the family in finding the little animals that observe them throughout the exhibitions! A playful and original way to admire the elements that surround you.

Coup de coeur, to be seen until January 17, 2022: the incredible work of the Swiss artist Urs FISCHER. In the center of the Rotunda, a impressive sculpture where time is put to the test. Indeed, the artist has conceived this Wax workEvery day the wicks are lit until only residues of melted wax remain on the floor of the Trade Fair. It is necessary to absolutely discover this amazing sculpture before it disappears!

Until April 6, 2022: about thirty works never exhibited by the African-American artist David HAMMONS. A rare exhibition because the artist is rarely exhibited in large museums.

Until January 17, 2022: on the second floor of the Bourse de Commerce, a space dedicated to the human figure, with works by artists TABOURET, CHENG, YIADOM-BOAKYE, DOIG, DUMAS, SERPAS and MARSHALL.

Until January 17, 2022: the confrontation of 3 great German artists: KIPPENBERGER, KREWER, SCHÜTTE. Sublime contemporary German paintings and sculptures. To see also, the works of TUYMANS, CAHN, OBA and RAYSSE !


This museum with its surprising architecture proposes from 2 years old to discover contemporary art. Through tales, d'workshops, from games and a visit booklet designed exclusively for them, children will discover the wonders of the Bourse de Commerce.

For the children of under 6 years old : "Children's lounge".

The Bourse de Commerce offers different playful tools to help children better understand the works that surround them: games, books, numerous tips and also the reading of tales (30 minutes) are offered to families.

  • Every Wednesday, weekends
  • Every day during school vacations, from 11h30 à 13h00 and from 2:30 to 5:00 pm

For children from 5 years old (accompanied by an adult) : "The great hide and seek

Children are invited to search for works in the museum! They will discover the contemporary works of the Bourse de Commerce, with the help of various games and mysteries!

  • When every Sunday at 11h15.
  • How much Admission fee + 5 ? per participant, upon reservation.

For children 5-7 years old: "The offbeat workshop tour

Workshops are offered for children to broaden their awareness of contemporary works. Accompanied by a mediator, they will discover the works of the museum. Thanks to their analysis, they will draw a portrait in their turn.

  • When : All WednesdaysFridays and Sundays during the school vacations à 15h00 (1h30)
  • How much 12 ? on reservation.


For children 8-12 years old: "The thousand and one faces of the Bourse de Commerce" workshop tour

The children will admire the sublime architecture of the Bourse de Commerce. Accompanied by a mediator, they will go in search of the elements that make up the Bourse de Commerce. Using all their observations, they will make a collage representing the museum.

  • When : All MondaysThursdays and Saturdays during school holidays à 15h00 (1h30)
  • How much 12 ?, on reservation


Practical information

See schedule details Monday to Sunday from 11am to 7pm (except Tuesday) - Open on December 24th and 31st until 5pm, December 25th until 7pm, January 1st until 9pm.

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