Musical show with puppets

Peter and the Wolf, musical tale with puppets

  • We like : the famous musical account of Prokofiev in a version for 20 puppets
  • Age : from 3 years old
  • DATe: Until February 23
  • Place : Salle Gaveau (Paris 8e)
Peter and the Wolf musical and puppet show at the Salle Gaveau in Paris

Peter and the Wolf: The Musical Tale in a Puppet Adaptation

  • A puppet show performed by three actors and accompanied by three multi-instrumentalist musicians.
  • More than 20 puppets manipulated by three actors and three live musicians
  • The originality of this new version of Prokofiev's famous tale is to give voice to all the characters.
  • The show is punctuated by songs written from arrangements by Sergei Prokofiev. The idea is to develop children's listening skills through music and through a story they already know.
  • The end of the tale is somewhat modified: the wolf, instead of being taken to the zoo, is generously tickled, which allows the release of the duck alive, safe and sound. The wolf is released into the nearby forest.
  • A nice show of musical awakening

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