From 3 years
  • WE LOVE The poetry and inventiveness of this show, which is aimed at everyone and speaks gently to children about ecology.
  • AGE : from 3 years
  • DATE : until December 10, 2023
  • DURATION: Forty-five minutes
  • LOCATION: at the Théâtre de l'Essaïon (Paris 4th arrondissement)
  • "Pépito Petit bateau", an interactive musical tale between theater and song, created for children
  • The show aims to raising awareness among the very young to the problems of overconsumption in a positive and cheerful way
  • It leads children to ecological awarenesse
  • Pépito is a small boat in the port of Le Havre whose mother is Gilberta, a magnificent cargo ship bound for Africa ... with goods
  • Overjoyed, Pépito has to replace his mother, who has broken down. And he sets sail for the open sea, towards Ghana accompanied by his friend the dolphin
  • But Pépito soon realizes that its load contains waste ...
  • But it's out of the question to deposit these garbage cans! .... Pépito will look for and find solutions...

This tale is a lesson in kindnessThe actors develop a complicity with the children, full of wisdom, philosophy and inventiveness. We love the paper cut-outs and the acting.

The Pepito Petit Bateau show was created by Pauline Paris and Simon Bensa of Polycompagnie.

The press speaks about it

TELEMA – “Simple, effective, clever, this show knows talk pollution and recycling with enchanting optimism and a touch of humor. "
THE DEPÊCHE– “A top-of-the-range show featuring musicians, singers and, of course, comedians.. The interactive show kept the children on the edge of their seats, right up to the happy ending. A fine example of educational entertainment."

Pépito petit bateau - by Polycompagnie

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