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Malowe Nature is a real educational farm located in Rosay, 10 km from Mantes la Jolie, in a Exceptional site of 6 hectares in the middle of nature with 3 ponds in free fishing, where a river well named Vaucouleurs flows!

Everything is planned on the Malowe Nature website: animal discovery workshops, permaculture vegetable garden, pony rides, birthday parties or Easter egg hunts ! Fishing and relaxing at the water's edge are also on the program with a snacking, picnic tables. There is even a store!

For an hour or a day - with family or friends - your day will be organized according to your desires in this green little paradise, where everything is accessible on foot and in strollers!

Malowe Nature is a farm, and must therefore adapt to the cycles of life. The activities proposed with the animals or in the vegetable garden evolve at the rhythm of the animal and the plant! A preliminary request for information is always advised to prepare your visit.

children and animals at the Malowe Nature educational farm

Discover the animals of the Malowe Nature farm on an open house:

  • On a free visit, children will discover the animals of the mini-farm:
  • Indian running ducks, sheep from the island of Ouessant, goats and ponies, Peppa and Georges the two pigs, peacocks, rabbits ... 
  • But also about twenty different breeds of hens and in particular the Serama hen known to be the smallest in the world or the Brahama hen which is native of the United States. Chickens and ducks are in total freedom, you will find them everywhere on the site, around the ponds, and even on the parking lots!
  • The whole family will be able to meet the five kids born this year 2023 at the farm and named by children on Instagram: peanut, bell daisy, comet and chouquette!
  •  The free visit also allows you to enter the enclosures and feed the animals by means of small buckets of food elaborated specifically for them, on sale at the farm store for 1€.
  • The play area in the goat pen will allow children to take a break from the playground, where they will have access to slides, swings, trampoline, bouncy castle and even a zip line! In a sheltered area, they can also play traditional wooden games with simple and intuitive rules, such as the frog game or the bouncy board.
  • From 3,95€ the free visit to discover the animals of the educational farm

Pony rides for children and fishing for the whole family:

At the Malowe Nature educational farm, pony rides, trout fishing ...

  • Pony rides for children from 3 to 10 years old 15 minutes long, the presence of an adult is required to accompany the animal and reassure the child.
  • Trout fishing: children will be able to learn about pond fishing and catch beautiful trout under the amazed eyes of their parents! Depending on the time of year, it will be rainbow, yellow gold or fario trout. The 3 ponds are accessible to the whole family for an hour, a half-day or a whole day. Bait is available for sale in the store, and equipment is available for rent. 
  • For these activities, reservation before the visit is recommended


  • Pony ride (3 to 10 years old) : Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and school vacations (zone C) from 2pm to 5pm, children from 3 to 10 years old : 15mn : 6€ - reservation advised + entrance ticket
  • Trout fishing (3 to 12 years old): 10h-12h / 14h-17h - equipment and bait included. 1 hour : 12€ + entrance ticket - half or full day fishing rate

Workshops for 3-12 year olds

Workshops around farm animals and workshops to discover the plant world

Workshops apprentice farmer, learning with animals

  • The Malowe Nature team offers a pedagogy as close as possible to the animal by assisting children who wish to pet or feed the animals
  • Accompanied by members of the Malowe Nature team, the children will enter all the pens to bring hay to the animals using the appropriate tools such as the bucket and wheelbarrow (designed at their height)
  • ...while learning exciting and funny things about the way of life of these animals such as: their food, their reproduction, their habitat.
  • The children will be able to discover a brooder with the presentation of an incubator, the turning of the eggs and will perhaps attend the birth .... of the chicks!
  • Depending on the time of day, children can also collect eggs

Workshops in the vegetable garden, discovering the plant world

  • On the banks of the Vaucouleurs River, the children will discover a vegetable garden cultivated in permaculture! Permaculture is a technique of cultivation without pesticides and in harmony with the environment. The plants interact with each other according to the time of year and live with insects. They will discover that aesthetics and beauty also count a lot during the summer season.
  • During a delightful walk in this vegetable garden, with the help of explanatory panels, they will learn all about the world of plants and the vegetable garden.
  • Everything is designed at the height of children in this magical place, where workshops and training courses in permaculture are held throughout the year, according to the seasons and the vagaries of the weather. Don't hesitate to ask the farm beforehand to prepare your visit.

Schedules and fees :

  • Workshops for 3 - 12 years old
  • Duration of the workshop 45 mn
  • Booking is recommended
  • Workshops are held at 3pm, on weekends and during school vacations (Zone C)
  • 6 € per child
vegetable gardening course

We love ♡ at Malowe Nature Farm

  • A nice family outing with little ones
  • 1 hour from Paris, it's a complete change of scenery
  • A privileged space to discover nature and animals
  • A playground to let off steam
  • Shaded or sheltered refuge areas
  • A picnic area
  • Ideal for on a sunny day

All useful information about Malowe Nature :

  • about 1h30 from Paris by car via the A13 or A15 freeway
  • Accessible by train from the Saint Lazare train station to Mantes-la-Jolie (37 min), walk to the bus station in Mantes-la-Ville (4 min), take bus 60 to Rosay and walk to the Malowe Nature farm in 7 min.
  • Malowe nature closes during the winter season, please inquire before visiting during this period
  • Address : Malowe Nature, 4 Chem. de la Maladrerie, 78790 Rosay
  • Contact : 01 84 80 69 20 / https://www.malowenature.com
  • Malowe nature closes during the winter season, please inquire before visiting during this period
  • Address : Malowe Nature, 4 Chem. de la Maladrerie, 78790 Rosay
  • Contact : 01 84 80 69 20 / https://www.malowenature.com

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