visit of the ancient Paris with children

Guided tour "Costumed stroll, Ancient Paris".

For a birthday party / With the family / For schools or after-school programs

  • The children will discover Ancient Paris (in the Latin Quarter): the Lutetia arenas which were used as a fighting area for gladiators, the famous Cluny baths, ancient baths used by Roman citizens?
  • Children love to dress up. As Gauls and Romans, they are more attentive to the stories told by the guide
  • It is a fun and playful way of discovering ancient Paris 
  • Points of interest of the visit The Latin Quarter at the time of the city of Lutetia. We start in 50 BC and we walk around during the 1st century.stcentury
  • This visit can be done on the occasion of a child's birthday. You can also privatize it for an outing for one or more families. It is perfect for an outing of leisure center, school or for a youth association
  • This tour is outdoors. The sites, monuments and buildings are not visited but their history is told

Disguises for 6/11 year olds

  • of the complete costumes (disguises) of Gauls and Romans will be lent to children who wish to do so
  • Loan ofaccessories (shields, swords?) for children who do not want to dress up
  • Disguises can be put on over clothes, no need to undress

Useful information

  • Age : from 6 years old
  • VR Location : subway Jussieu
  • Duration 1h30 (about 2km)
  • Visit provided by professional guide-lecturers (in French or English)
  • At least one adult must be present during the visit if it has been booked for a group of young people

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we cancel the visit if we can't make it? You will find the cancellation conditions on the website of our partner (click on BOOK)
  • Can the ride be done with a child in a stroller? Yes, no worries. It's a street trip. We can take baby
  • And in a wheelchair? There are stairs on the course. In this case, it is necessary to inform the organizers before the visit
  • Are the adults in disguise? No, the costumes are lent to children only. But nothing prevents you from doing the same if you feel like it
  • Can the children keep the costumes at the end of the visit? Unfortunately not, you will have to give them back to the guide at the end of the tour!

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