Welcome on board ! A barge in Paris, it's so romantic !

We choose a houseboat in Paris:

  • to have a drink often, it's so nice
  • for a stroll on the Seine, it's so romantic
  • and sometimes, to live simply

Have a drink aboard a houseboat, it's become so trendy!

  • Can not name all addresses! Along the Seine, you will find many floating terraces on barges, at the dock or for a stroll on the Seine and / or its canals
  • To enjoy a panoramic view of the calm banks of the Seine, to believe a little in the sea or on a tavern, all the reasons are good to spend a moment on the water with family or friends.
  • The barge offer in Paris, has grown significantly in recent years and is experiencing a new craze since the banks of the Seine have become pedestrianss.
  • Even the traditional cruise companies on the Seine have their terrace at the dock. To name a few, let's mention Vedettes de Paris with their pizza option and also Bateaux-Mouches with their rooftop "le Mouche
  • Sorry, but we can not recommend a particular restaurant. Know that some offer very interesting promotions.

A cruise aboard a barge or a boat to enjoy the Seine and its canals

  • If you do not want to be a sailor every day, take a boat trip on the Seine
  • Sail an hour or a day during a tour on the Seine to enjoy the Seine and its canals at your own pace. It is the occasion of an unforgettable moment between friends or family and it is also the opportunity to discover Paris differently.
  • Barge, panoramic boat of the type cheap fly boat in ParisBatobus, inflatable canoe, electric boat or small yacht ... many boats crisscross the Seine and its canals.
  • And nothing is more romantic than a cruise at dusk, or a lunch or dinner on the water.

Live aboard a houseboat, a dream for some but it's far from easy

  • Life on the water is a dream for many city dwellers. Yet this is not so simple to be a freshwater sailor.
  • We do not moor at a dock without authorization and it is often an expensive and administratively complicated dream. Thus, not only do we have to wait a long time for the administrative authorization (currently more than 200 people are on waiting list in Ile-de-France), but in addition the price has become totally exorbitant. In the center of Paris, you will find nothing below 900,000 euros, explains Sylvie Desbonnet, manager of the fluvial real estate agency Seine Plus. And to get your hands on a barge facing Eiffel Tower, you will need to pay 1.5 million euros minimum.
  • In short, waiting to live on your houseboat in Paris, comfort yourself by taking a glass on one of the new barges moored at the edge of the Seine or enjoy a cruise on the Seine in a barge of a few hours. It's much simpler!

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