With children from 8 years old

1 – WE DO NOT ACCEPT LONE CHILDREN (unaccompanied by an adult).
2 - YOU MUST BOOK A TICKET FOR EVERY PARTICIPANT (children and accompanying adults). 

Date in red the session is sold out
Date in green : Places are still available 🙂 Please note that if you are unable to select the desired number of tickets on the same order, there are not enough seats available overall -> choose another session.

The "Orsay masterpieces explained to children" tour

  • The Orsay museum is a very beautiful space, installed in the old Orsay station. The architecture and the scenography of the museum alone justify its visit!
  • This museum presents painting and sculpture from the mid-19th century to World War I
  • The visit "Orsay's masterpieces explained to children" allows visitors to understand the creative effervescence of the 19th century
  • After a short introduction on the history of the building and how it went from being a train station (built for the 1900 World's Fair) to a museum, the children will discover a selection of works representative of the museum
  •  The different schools (academism, realism, naturalism and impressionism) and their little quarrels... are explained to the children who will then be able to understand perfectly this artistic period so rich 
  • It is a magical visit in the company of Millet, Monet, Seurat, Renoir and many others... with a speaker specializing in families 

Rates and information for scheduled visits

  • 20 to 22 participants maximum per visit
  • duration : 1h30
  • Meeting place At the museum entrance. You'll easily recognize the lecturers by their orange shopping bags.
  • This visit is animated by guide-lecturers
  • An adult seat is necessarily associated with a child seat.
  • Visit in French


  • Who is it for? : school, extra-curricular, birthday, family privatization...
  • Rate From 250 euros per visit
  • Increase of 20% on Sundays and holidays
  • Number 25 people max (adults and/or children)
  • Visit in French or English
  • For schoolchildren: from the first grade / primary school
Find the list of our reviews
Star Star Star Star Star - very pleasant and instructive outing for the children
Written by Edwige TEILLET, 19-04-2024

Pauline was great

Star Star Star Star Star - a great family experience
Written by François Constantin, on 19-03-2024

Pierre, aged 9, and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit, which our guide led with brio and humor. We took away interesting and curious lessons, and a strong desire to return. The only hitch was the rather long wait in the rain to get into the museum.

Star Star Star Star Star - The guide Nathalie was very professional, in control of the group, very educational, nothing but compliments.
Written by Jean Frédéric PLASSARD, 13-03-2024

Yes, I would recommend it. The guide was fascinating, a psychologist, remarkable.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very interesting guided tour.
Written by Jocelyne BEGHIAN, on 23-02-2024

The presentations of the paintings were very clear and interesting. But the Impressionist section was too crowded. My 10-year-old grandson really enjoyed it, despite this drawback.

Star Star Star Star Star - A disappointing experience
Written by Elsa BOUCARD, 16-02-2024

Having arrived a little late, I was not allowed to join the group after having paid back my entrance ticket. The secretary on the phone was very unpleasant and offered me no alternative solution.

Reply from FamilinParis
Written by the Familin'Paris team

Hello, Madam, We've made some enquiries. Unfortunately, you arrived 30 minutes late for your visit. For logistical reasons, and out of respect for the members of the group who are on time, museum visiting slots do not allow latecomers to be kept waiting.... We're sorry, but there is a rule to follow to ensure that the visit goes as smoothly as possible for all participants.

Star Star Star Star Star - Not enough explanation on the tables.
Written by Patrick Le Beaudour , 08-01-2024

Very few of the paintings are explained to children, so all you want to do is go back and visit on your own!

Star Star Star Star Star - Great experience!
Written by Morgane Lagneaux , 08-01-2024

For young and old alike! A very kind guide who showed us lots of beautiful things!

Star Star Star Star Star - Superb visit to the Musée d'Orsay
Written by Andrea Allegra, 08-01-2024

Superb experience. This was our third visit with Cyril. He is passionate and engaging. The whole family loved it and learned lots of new things.

Star Star Star Star Star - Interesting but too expensive
Written by EMELINE HASSER, 18-12-2023

The visit was interesting but the ratio between the museum entrance fee and the visit fee is too high.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very good!
Written by Marina, 28-11-2023

After the Louvre a few months ago, Ludo and Sophie (and guide Pauline!) took us on a new tour of the Musée d'Orsay. The children and parents alike enjoyed the activity. We never saw the time go by!

Star Star Star Star Star - Very interesting and lively
Written by marie noelle godet , 06-11-2023

The dynamism of the conference. The clarity of the narratives ⁰

Star Star Star Star Star - Enjoy your visit with Pauline
Written by Cedric Rau, 06-11-2023

We spent an excellent afternoon at the Musée d'Orsay with Pauline, who captivated young and old alike. Highly recommended!

Star Star Star Star Star - Perfect visit in every respect
Written by Silvaine RAJA, 04-11-2023

My granddaughters' first visit to the Musée d'Orsay. A complete success. The tour guide, Pauline, was fascinating for the children... and for the adults too. We really enjoyed the visit and my granddaughters were very proud to tell their parents about it. A must for another museum...

Star Star Star Star Star - A great activity with Pauline, who succeeded very well in engaging both young and old.
Written by Laurent Constant, le 27-10-2023

A great activity with Pauline, who succeeded very well in engaging both young and old.

Star Star Star Star Star - Interesting
Written by Alain Nicolas, 08-08-2023

Well-organized, the visit aroused the interest of the 3 children, whose curiosity was cleverly stimulated by the guide and their desire to take part in the question-and-answer game. I was a little puzzled by the choice of some of the works: does the model of the Opéra Garnier really illustrate the Musée d'Orsay's interest?

Star Star Star Star Star - Instructive AND fun
Written by Eric PALANQUE, on 17-07-2023

Many thanks to Pauline who, with communicative energy, delivers a very interesting 5-step introduction to the masterpieces of this beautiful museum. There's something for young and old alike.

Star Star Star Star Star –  
Written by Benoît T, on 20-11-2022

Excellent visit of the Musée d'Orsay with Nathalie who knew how to captivate the children. The selection of works was relevant and the duration well adapted.

Star Star Star Star Star –  
Written by Sophie M., 24-02-2022

Thanks to Émilie, we spent a magical 1h30 at the Musée d'Orsay. Far from a classic visit, she was able to add depth to the children's first discovery of the museum, comparing painters and painting styles and providing anecdotes to capture their attention and bring the paintings to life. She adapts very well to her audience and doesn't hesitate to get them involved by asking them questions. Mission accomplished for us, the children really enjoyed it and will be delighted to return to see the works we didn't have time to see.

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This message is to tell you that we really enjoyed the visit of this day with Marie. Very pleasant and rich for both children and adults. I will recommend it!

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