The only freestyle competition for children under 18 February 23rd from 2pm to 7pm It's free
  • WE love : the virtuosity and energy of the participants
  • Age : for everyone
  • When: February 23, 2019 from 14h to 19h
  • Location: at the Centre Pompidou (Paris 4th)
  • Rate : Free
Dance competition for under 18s in Paris

NBA for not babies anymore! They are no longer babies, but the quasi-professionals you'll see in this Freestyle dance competition reserved for young Europeans under 18 years old. The principle of competition 8 guests chosen by the organizer (Kiudee) + 14 selected on the day (including 2 pre-qualified challengers from Russia & Ukraine). The battle takes place in 1 vs 1 until the quarter-finals. Guests enter at the top 8. Then, following a draw, the last 4 dancers can choose one of the judges to become their partner. The battle ends in 2 against 2. Don't quite get it? Don't worry, come and see for yourself, it's so exciting, your kids and your friends are so good! your teens will love it, and it's free! Psss: Si you want to participate, it is still time !

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