From 21 to 27 October 2020

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the rendezvous for small movie lovers, at very low prices.
Age :  from 2 years
When:  from October 21st to 27th
Location:  in 12 Art et Essai rooms in Paris, at the Forum des images and at the Gaité lyrique

Rate :  4€ per session

my 1st festival 2020, cinema for the little ones

My First Festival 2020, the film festival for children

  • This is the film festival for young audiences (from 2 years old) at very low prices.
  • In 12 Art et Essai rooms in Paris, as well as in the Forum des images and the Gaité lyrique.
  • About fifteen previews or unreleased films in competition for the Audience Award and the Children's Jury Prize.
  • About thirty films on the theme "Another world"...
  • A focus on Russian animated cinema
  • Cinema-concerts and cinematographic-musicals
  • In total, more than fifty film screenings for children
  • It's a cheap trip 4 euros per ticket

My 1st Festival 2020, a family event in October

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