75 years of rock history in 75 minutes!

For rock fans and fans-to-be!

  • WE LOVE a jubilant rock experience!
  • AGE : for all
  • DATE : from 19/10/2024 to 05/01/2025
  • DURATION: 1:15
  • LOCATION: at the Théâtre Libre (10th arrondissement)

Little Rock Story

A man standing on an old wooden crate begins a melancholy blues... But then a piano appears, followed by a bass, drums and guitar to cover the singer's voice: from the American South we're propelled into the city half a century later... The history of Rock can begin. Rock powered by its indispensable accomplice: electricity!

Little Rock Story covers 75 years of music, from punk to grunge, from psychedelia to metal, without ever letting go of the concert's energy. And, of course, all the big names are covered: Elvis the Beatles the Stones ACDC Jimi Hendrix the Clash Metallica...

But more than just a fun way to learn about the history of this music, its influences and its codes, Little Rock Story is a real Rock experience in all its power and jubilation, and invites the whole family to join in.

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