A great success!
  • WE LOVE : the tale revisited, a pep and musical version
  • AGE : ages 3 and up; general public
  • DATE: from 05/10/2024 to 08/05/2025
  • DURATION : 1h15
  • LOCATION: theater of the Gaîté Montparnasse (Paris 14th)
  • After Teens, The Hunchback of Notre DameKnights, Princesses and Dragons and In the Land of Santa ClausOlivier Solivérès takes us into the legendary tale of Snow White and the 7 dwarfs
  • This mythical tale is here revisited in a musical, poetic and humorous version
  • The staging work is great
  • The use of technology (holograms, video and mapping) adds thrills and modernity
  • The sets are from the Paris Opera and Pierre Arditi lends his voice to the famous mirror
  • It's an all-ages show, you can go with your family and adults won't be bored. I promise!
  • A show of 1:15
Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs

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