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: It's the children who make the show.
Age :  for ages 4 - 12
Duration:  Until April 18
Location:   The Republic (Paris 3e)
Moos the Crazy Kid's Show, pour les enfants, à Paris
  • Moos the Crazy Kid's Show is an interactive show where children "make the artist".
  • In contrast to classical shows for "wise children", it is the children who make the show. They participate, sing, dance, open to each other through different challenges which allow to discover the team spirit.
  • The principle, a musical match consisting of 2 teams and their captains. The different teams will compete in several events, encouraged by the public: Crazy Quizz, dance event on Crazy Kid's Dance, interludes sung in karaoke, Battles dance, the Voice, Mickael Jackson contest, hip-hop dance demo ... The Crazy Kid's Show is an interactive show, which takes place at 70% standing. 
  • With Moos the Crazy Kid's Show, all children find their account, whether they are 4 or 12 years old
  • Initially, the big ones are a little scared of the presence of the little ones in the room. But the match-show includes some tests for the little ones and others for the big ones.
  • Moos pays particular attention to make room for everyone.
  • We will appreciatea music that is carefully selected so that children find their favorite hits. As a result, the tubes are linked, and the little ones love. And the parents too! 

In our opinion, Moos dust off the show for children and offers a real moment of sharing and fun with the family.

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