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Until July 29, 2023
For families, from 10 years old

Even at 1m, you will not see anything... Completely bluffing!

  • WE LOVE : a participative and funny magic show
  • AGE: from 10 years old
  • DATE: until July 29, 2023
  • DURATION: 1 hour
  • LOCATION: at the Antre Magique (Paris, 9th)

Mission Goldfingers, a "close-up magic show" where humor is present thanks to the active participation of the audience.

The closer you get, the less you will see! Because even at a few centimeters from your eyes, the magic tricks become incredible. A mixture of impossible missions performed by this talented magician.

Discover with your family the must-see show of Christian Gambina member of the prestigious Magic Circle of London and founder of L'Antre Magique.

mission goldfingers magic show at the Antre Magique

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