In French, English, Spanish
Ile de la Cité / Louvre-Tuileries-Palais Royal
For ages 4-7 and 8-13
child's route in Paris Milirue

The notebooks exploration Milirue allow to discover Paris while having fun as a family. 2 routes in Paris are proposed in each booklet. There is a version for 4 - 7 years old (for apprentice readers) and another for 8 years old and more. The courses are the same so that you can do them all together regardless of the age of your children. Designed by specialists in pedagogy and based on the experience of many families, these notebooks are really very very well done. Fun, playful and educational.

Milirue booklet prices

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  • Single track version on the Ile de la Cité 9.90€ for the Mini or Junior booklet
  • Double-track version 17.90€ for the Mini or Junior booklet, 33€ for the Family Duo pack (1 Mini + 1 Junior)
  • Language in French, English, Spanish
  • Once ordered, the books are delivered by mail within 1 to 3 business days.
  • There is no expiration date
  • Gift idea Give these exploration books to other parents, for a birthday, a Christmas gift, etc.
  • Thehe idea is to develop children's curiosity during walks in Paris by making them proactive. They become the "mini guides" of the family.
  • The children prepare the ride at home with fun activities to do before you leave and a podcast
  • During the walk, following the path of the carne, the children discover the history and the small secrets of Paris thanks to games, challenges and anecdotes
  • For their part, the parents, havean interactive and geolocalized map which gives additional cultural information through photos, paintings, short videos, .... It also lists the best snack spots of the route!
  • These books are delivered by mail after ordering online
  • Each booklet includes game pages, activities and more information to prepare your visit 
  • A space is provided in the notebooks for to tell and paste his little memories
  • For parents there are recommendations of places, near the 2 courses

The discovery of the Ile de la Cité

  • Place of departure : square of the Notre-Dame Cathedral and
  • Place of arrival near the Cathedral.
  • Points of interest of the walk Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral, rue de la Huchette, the Saint-Michel fountain, the Holy Chapelthe Palace of Justice, the flower market, the Clock Tower, Place Dauphine, Pont Neuf, the Conciergerie, Quai des Bouquinistes and Rue des Ursins
  • The monuments are not visited during the walk

The discovery of the Louvre district, Tuileries garden and Palais-Royal

  • Place of departure Place du Louvre
  • Place of arrival : in the Galleries of the Palais Royal.
  • Points of interest of the walk the square courtyard of the Louvre, the Napoleon courtyard, the Triumphal arch, the Tuileries gardens and the Palais-Royal

10% off with the code YOUPIFAM23

walking tour in Paris for children
booklet to discover Paris while having fun

Also nice with children under 12 years old

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