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Show around Christmas, ideal from 3 years old.

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: The joyful staging of the famous Santa Claus Christmas tale
Age :  from 3 years
Duration:  Until January 19th
Location:   Lucernaire Theater (Paris 6th)

Michka le spectacle pour enfant au théatre du Lucernaire

Mishka: adaptation for the theatre of the famous Father Beaver's tale


  • A cheerful staging with songs from the famous tale.
  • Mishka's story is that of a little teddy bear who discovers freedom and wishes he were alive. He hesitates between freedom and self-sacrifice, selfishness and generosity.
  • This tale asks essential questions that fascinate children: what is the secret life of toys? What do they teach us about us?
  • Summary of the story: As Christmas approaches, Mishka, a teddy bear mistreated by his young mistress, leaves the house and goes alone in the snow. After discovering the joys but also the difficulties of freedom, he starts looking for a good deed to do. It is then that he meets Santa Claus' reindeer, who is struggling to distribute all the presents...
  • Duration of the show: 45 minutes


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