Matsuri, the Japanese restaurant chain with rotating counter. It is fun ! 

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Matsuri paris the playful restaurant 

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The Matsuri concept: Japanese restaurants with rotating counter

The restaurant chain Matsuri, is inspired by the concept of "Kaïten sushi" turntable. So, we sits in front of a counter along a treadmill on which plates and plates are used and it is used according to his desires. A hundred salty or sweet products garnish the treadmills: starters, cold or hot dishes, desserts. The products are placed on plates under a transparent bell. The plates have a border of color corresponding to their price. It goes from 2 euros for the yellows to 5 euros for the reds. At the end of the meal, a server counts the number of plates consumed and calculates the note according to the color code of the plates. We advise you, during your meal, to count the plates and to pay attention to the colors to not have surprise at the time of the addition. The atmosphere of the Matsuri restaurants is very pleasant: oak furniture, and soft lighting.

It's nice with children

Matsuri, it's nice with children because they like the principle of the treadmill on which the dishes they choose. The children find it very playful to see the dishes in front of them. They spot the ones they want and hope that the plate will reach them ...  It's very fast, there is choice, it is a principle of restoration that is very practical with children. Indeed, there is no waiting, no need to order, except for some special dishes. An original address!
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