Matsuri, the Japanese restaurant chain with rotating counter.
It's fun! 
  • WE LOVE the carpet on which Japanese specialties are paraded
  • SPECIALTIES Japanese cuisine

The Matsuri concept: Japanese restaurants with rotating counter

  • The Matsuri chain of restaurants is inspired by the concept of "Kaiten sushi", a rotating tray.
  • Thus, you sit in front of a counter along a conveyor belt on which plates pass and you serve yourself according to your desires. 
  • A hundred or so savory or sweet products are available on the conveyor belts: appetizers, cold or hot dishes, desserts.
  • The products are placed on plates under a transparent cover. The plates have a colored border corresponding to their price. This goes from 2 euros for the yellow ones to 5 euros for the red ones.
  • At the end of the meal, a waiter comes to count the number of plates consumed and calculates the bill according to the color code of the plates.
  • We advise you, during your meal, to count the plates and to pay attention to the colors so that you don't have any surprise at the time of the bill.
  • The atmosphere of the Matsuri restaurants is very pleasant: oak wood furniture, and subdued lighting.

It's nice with children

  • Matsuri, it's nice with children because they like the principle of the treadmill on which the dishes they choose.
  • The children find it very fun to see the dishes pass in front of them. They spot the ones they want and hope that the plate will reach them...  
  • It's very fast, there is choice, it is a principle of restoration that is very practical with children.
  • Indeed, there is no waiting, nor need to place an order, except for some particular dishes.
  • An original address!

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Practical information

View schedule details Every day from 12h to 14h and from 19h to 22h

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