From 13 years old
visit for teenagers to the Louvre Museum

1 – WE DO NOT ACCEPT LONE CHILDREN (unaccompanied by an adult).
2 - YOU MUST BOOK A TICKET FOR EVERY PARTICIPANT (children and accompanying adults). 

Date in red the session is sold out
Date in green : Places are still available 🙂 Please note that if you are unable to select the desired number of tickets on the same order, there are not enough seats available overall -> choose another session.

The "Louvre masterpieces explained to teenagers" tour

A a wonderful visit that allows teens to discover and understand the essential works of the Louvre Museum

  • Art history explained to teenagers thanks to a journey among the most famous works of the Louvre Museum
  • In 1h30This guided tour allows you to discover the masterpieces of the Louvre, from antiquity to the 19th century
  • During this guided tour, teens will see the most important works in the Louvre. In particular the Victory of Samothrace, the Venus de Milo, The Mona Lisa, Liberty guiding the people, the coronation of Napoleon...
  • An exciting visit during which they not only discover the works but also learn to identify its historical elements in a tables, to co understand the message that the painter wanted to convey (or the sponsor of the painting) and they practice use their analytical skills
  • An exciting visit at the pace of teenagers If they feel like discovering a work that was not on the program, no problem... the lecturers know the Louvre like the back of their hand...
  • This tour is available as a group or private visit.

Rates and information for scheduled visits

  • 20 to 22 participants maximum per visit
  • duration : 1h30
  • Meeting place : Richelieu passage under the arcades outside (do not enter the museum)
  • This visit is animated by guide-lecturers
  • An adult seat is necessarily associated with a child seat.
  • Visit in French


  • Who is it for? : school, extra-curricular, birthday, family privatization...
  • Rate From 250 euros per visit
  • Increase of 20% on Sundays and holidays
  • Number 25 people max (adults and/or children)
  • Visit in French or English
  • For schoolchildren: from the first grade / primary school
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Star Star Star Star Star - Very interesting. But a little fast
Written by nathalie edery, 25-10-2023

It was very interesting. The kids really enjoyed it. It wasn't a foregone conclusion. We finished 15 minutes early. It's a shame we didn't get to see an extra work.

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We had a very pleasant and appreciated visit with our guide Cyril. He knew how to interest the young people with a vocabulary contest on art at the end, well taken from the beginning of the visit. No secret, by dint of repeating the words, they remained anchored! My 14 year old daughter liked it very much, and so did I. I recommend...

Many thanks for the two teenage visits to the Louvre (Cyril) and Pompidou (Marie) this week. They were really great. Without being reticent, my daughter Pauline (15yrs/2nde) was a little sceptical before the visit, then totally won over afterwards. So much so that she asked me to sign her up again with some friends (without me 😉 with a signed waiver!). We look forward to hearing more about your proposals in 2022! The girls would love to have visits on the history of fashion and clothing, on design or contemporary art. Or on a specific artist (Manet/Morizot/Rodin/Picasso/Dali/Utrillo etc...) or a Montparnasse or Montmartre district... Thank you for whetting Pauline's curiosity and motivating her desire to learn! Looking forward to seeing you next time... Claire Marie

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