An 18th century palace in the heart of Paris

It took 3 years to restore and renovate the Hôtel de la Marine... Since June 2021, it is open to the public. Visitors will discover this superb 18th century palace, a true treasure of Parisian heritage, thanks to audio tours on themes related to the history of the place.

The visit of the Hôtel de la Marine: an immersive visit with a sound trail

A connected headset is available to the visitor. This headset called "Le Confident" offers an immersive and innovative experience for a dive into the history of the monument. The sound is triggered automatically depending on where you are and gives you the impression of being back in the court life of the Enlightenment, with melodies, discussions, characters, sounds of life ...

The course "Living rooms & loggias"(duration 45mn)

  • You will discover the gilded state rooms and the loggia which offers a superb view of the Concorde and beyond.
  • Audio story adapted for children (from 6 years old)

The course "Grand tour - Journey in times" (duration 1h30)

  • You will discover the Intendant's apartments, the honor rooms and the loggia. This visit retraces 250 years of history during which the Hôtel de la Marine witnessed the great events that marked this era.
  • Audio story adapted for children (from 6 years old)
  • Audio tour available in French, English and Spanish.

The course "Grand tour - Century of lights"(duration 1h30)

  • You will discover the apartments of the Intendant, the lounges of honor and the loggia.
  • Guided by Pedrille, Marc-Antoine Thierry de Ville d'Avray's valet, the visitor discovers the intendant's apartments as well as the salons d'honneur and meets their occupants.
  • Audio story adapted for children (from 6 years old)
  • Audio tour available in French and English

The Hotel de la Marine with children "The Grand Tour in family

  • On the Grand Tour, a sound and visual treasure hunt will lead them to investigate the incredible disappearance of the Crown Jewels
  • Accompanied by Amand, son of the steward, and his tutor, and with the help of their activity booklet, parents and children are invited to find the blue diamond

Free for -18 and -26 years old EU residents

the hotel de la marine, place de la concorde in paris

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Practical information

See schedule details Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday: from 10:30 am to 7 pm (ticket office closes at 6:15 pm). Nocturne on Friday until 10 pm.

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