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  • WE love : a very pretty fable adapted from the famous album by Tomi Ungerer
  • Age : for ages 4 - 8
  • Duration: Prolongation until August 11
  • Location: Theater Lucernaire (Paris 6th)
Show for children, Jean de la Lune at the Lucernaire theatre

Jean de la Lune: a real success!

  • Very nice adaptation, in the form of a poetic fable, of Tomi Ungerer's album
  • Jean de la Lune, a gentle creature of the night, watches over the children and helps them fall asleep. Feeling alone on his star, he decides to come and explore the earth, seizing the trail of a meteorite that was passing by there. But the President of the Earth, eager for conquest and power, will designate him as a dangerous invader and put him in prison. and put him in prison...
  • A great actress, alone on stage, plays the 3 characters
  • A 45 minute show

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