For children from 8 years old
the Louvre Museum

The "Louvre Masterpieces Explained to Children" tour

A wonderful visit that allows children to discover and understand the essential works of the Louvre Museum

  • Art history explained to children thanks to a journey among the most famous works of the Louvre Museum
  • In 1h30, this family tour allows you to discover the masterpieces of the Louvre, from antiquity to the 19th century
  • During this guided tour, children will see the Victory of Samothrace, the Venus de Milo, The Mona Lisathe Liberty guiding the people, the coronation of Napoleon...
  • An exciting visit during which the children not only discover the works but also learn to identify the historical elements in a painting, to understand the message that the painter (or the person who commissioned the painting) wanted to convey and they practice using their analytical skills
  • This visit is programmed as a group visit and as a private visit

Rates and information for scheduled visits

  • 20 to 22 participants maximum per visit
  • duration : 1h30
  • Meeting place : Richelieu passage under the arcades outside (do not enter the museum)
  • This visit is animated by guide-lecturers
  • An adult seat is necessarily associated with a child seat.
  • Visit in French


  • Who is it for? : school, extra-curricular, birthday, family privatization...
  • Rate From 250 euros per visit
  • Increase of 20% on Sundays and holidays
  • Number 25 people max (adults and/or children)
  • Visit in French or English
  • For schoolchildren: from the first grade / primary school
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Star Star Star Star Star - Ideal for a short discovery tour
Written by Timothy Hirter, 05-06-2023

Very nice tour and good explanation from the guide, who was well-suited to children. Only downside...the meeting place is not well indicated!

Star Star Star Star Star - Great guide!
Written by lucille , 05-06-2023

Bravo to the guide for the tour. Smiling, full of anecdotes, knowledge and patience, it's a real pleasure and game for children and adults alike! With pragmatism and derision, he manages the vagaries of the group, the delays, the problems, the rigidity of the Louvres staff, the hordes of tourists. Thank you, Cyril!

Star Star Star Star Star - To do!
Written by AC, 31-05-2023

Very nice initiation for the children Relevant comments (even for parents), well-run organization. Top We recommend it.

Star Star Star Star Star - My niece loved it!
Written by LAURENCE GAUBERT, on 28-05-2023

The only downside: the meeting point was not sufficiently explicit, we had trouble finding our guide - it would have been nice to send us a phone number to reach her ... thank you.

Star Star Star Star Star - Not for teenagers
Written by GERALDINE Létangletanf , on 25-05-2023

What I didn't like: the headphones were of poor quality, so we couldn't hear much of what the speaker was saying. The speaker didn't address my two teenagers at all and concentrated on the children.

Star Star Star Star Star - Interesting visit
Written by Sandrine PORTE, on 22-05-2023

Very interesting visit, explanations of the guide rich, simple, quite within the reach of children. The guide was ready to answer all the questions. A small drawback, my 8 year old son had a little trouble following the explanations in the audiophone only. He really had to be next to the guide and see her speak to understand everything.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very good experience
Written by Stéphanie Ramboasolo , on 22-05-2023

The children really enjoyed it (6, 10 and 12 years old). What we liked: the anecdotes and stories of the guide around each work (mythology, historical framework of each work, etc.) +the choice of works What we didn't like: the phase of gathering the families at the beginning which proved to be quite long (problem of identification of the passage richelieu for some) As well as the monopolization of the guide by only one child of the group. Point of vigilance on the attention paid to the whole public. To be recommended.

Star Star Star Star Star - Louvre
Written by Senad Zulcic , on 22-05-2023

You can't hear the microphone very well and the person is a bit too fast

Star Star Star Star Star - GREAT!!!
Written by SOPHIE SIALELLI, 16-05-2023


Star Star Star Star Star - Great experience
Written by Cannelle BARRIER, on 27-04-2023

This visit is great to start the Louvre with the kids. The tour is efficient and exciting, not too long, not too short. The guide mixes the level of information to capture the attention of different ages of children and even adults.

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Q Great tour! The guide is very much on the level of the children. The children were very interested and so were the adults. To be repeated, to be recommended to discover the Louvre without tiring the children.

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