The Photo Expo at child's height for 5-12 years old
Lucile AdeÌle
  • WE LOVE : a photo exhibition designed for children, educating the eye
  • AGE : for 5 - 12 years
  • DATE: April 6 to June 2, 2024
  • HOURS 11 a.m.-7 p.m.
  • RATE : Free
  • LOCATION: CentQuatre-Paris (Paris 19th)

Little Circulation: the children's photo exhibition

  • Every year, during the "Circulation(s)" photo festival at CentQuatre-Paris, children are entitled to their own exhibition: "Little Circulation(s)".
  • This exhibition, specially created by the Fetart collective, is designed to introduce visitors to images from an early age.
  • It presents a dozen series by the artists featured in this exhibition. in the main exhibition, with a panel scenography adapted to young visitorsc.
  • But what are these artists trying to say with their photos?
  • It's a simple, accessible educational trail that lets children sharpen their eyes while having fun at the same time.
  • Thanks games based on the works on display image education takes a playful, creative approach: memory game, 7 differences, Where's Charlie?, word jumble, and even a geography game based on the nationalities of the artists on display... there'll be plenty of other surprises to discover on site!
  • This exhibition is free of charge and installed in different areas of Le Centquatre-Paris - a stone's throw from La Villette

little Circulation at 104, the photo exhibition for children

The Photo Studio Circulation (s)

  • Every weekend during the Circulation(s) festival, from April 6 to June 2, you can to be photographed with family or friends by a professional photographer.
  • Each weekend will be an opportunity to have your portrait taken in whimsical settings or against more classic studio backgrounds.
  • You leave with a unique print signed by the artist photographerand even have it framed on site
  • Every weekend, a different photographer and a different world
  • Duration: 20-minute session
  • Price: 59€, 1 print included (high quality and signed)
  • On-site supervision: 15 €

Practical information

View schedule details Wednesday to Sunday from 2pm to 7pm

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