Musical show - Ideal from 4 years old

The sweet words of Farfadoux

  • WE LOVE : a musical show inspired by the principle of the operetta
  • AGE : from 4 years old
  • DATE:
  • DURATION: 55 minutes
  • LOCATION: Aktéon Théâtre (Paris 11th)
musical show for children

Les mots doux de Farfadoux: a poetic, offbeat and tender musical tale

  • Mr. Farfadoux lives in a small world, timed, millimetre-sized. He realizes he's lost his sweet words: he's gone looking for them.
  • He's going to leave his hushed, soothing world for a quest for love.
  • Inspired by the principle of operetta, this show gives an important place to music.
  • Many instruments accompany the actors: guitar, accordion, flute.
  • Duration of the show: 55 minutes.

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