A return to childhood
9/9 bis, Cour des Petites Écuries, 10e

Charles's farm

  • WE LOVE The atmosphere and the decoration like in the "little house in the prairie".
  • SPECIALTIES : American cuisine without fuss
  • BRUNCH: Sunday with kid's buffet for 12?
  • PLACE on the Grands-Boulevards (Paris 10ème)

Charles's Farm: just like in the series of your childhood

  • Incredible! This restaurant - wine bar offers you a total change of scenery in the country of Charles Ingalls, hero of the famous series Little House on the Prairie. You are there!
  • La Ferme de Charles offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the universe of this cult series from your childhood.
  • The decor, the names of the dishes, everything is there.

Charles' farm

A simple map, with a great American West feel

  • Charles's Farm offers simple, hearty dishes that are reminiscent of the American countryside: grilled corn, burgers, chicken salad and Caroline Ingalls' apple pie.
  • The children will love the kitsch side of the room's decoration, the playful side of the menu with the cordon bleu of our childhood or the Petit Lu Nutella shortbread?

traditional restaurant in Paris


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Practical information

See schedule details Every day from 12pm to 3pm and from 5:30pm to 11pm (except Sunday). Brunch from 12pm to 3pm on Saturday and from 11am to 3pm on Sunday.

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Very soon, a contest to win tickets for the amusement park "La mer de Sable" (in Ermenonville) !