WE love
: A very effective entertainment
Age :  from 12 years
DATE:  Until April 12
Location:   The Palace (Paris 9th)
le gros diamant du prince Ludwig, la pièce de théâtre drolatique
  • The big diamond Prince Ludwig is a hilarious show, with a very effective staging. It's a very successful entertainment.
  • It's not very fine, but the result is there, it's a big joke, a crazy comedy. Molière of the best comedy 2018.
  • Eleven energetic comedians, thirty costumes and six impressive sets for a show inspired by the black movies of the 50s.
  • The British director Gwen Aduh had already received Molière's Best Comedy in 2016 for the British Faux (Still playing at Théâtre Saint-Georges).
  • This time, in Prince Ludwig's Big Diamond, it is about a bank robbery led by real broken arms in the America of the 50s, with some live musicians, mates not smart, jacks on the run, a pickpocket too honest ...
  • Everyone goes there, mobsters to the director. Who will scam who?
  • It's very smoothly done thanks to a staging full of finds, twists, doors slamming like at Feydeau, jokes and a panache of anthology where the plate goes from a horizontal state to a vertical position ...
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