A villa built in Poissy between 1928 and 1931 (UNESCO World Heritage)
villa Savoie ©centre-des-musées-nationaux
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The Villa Savoye in Poissy

  • The visit of this villa allows you to discover the work of Le Corbusier (whose real name was Charles-Edouard Jeanneret).
  • And more specifically, the 5 basic elements of its architecture : the pilings, the roof terrace, the plan, the banded windows and the free facade
  • This villa was classified as a historical monument while Le Corbusier was still alive
  • It is very avant-garde, from a great modernism for the time, a "box in the air built in reinforced concrete
  • This house was the weekend home of the industrialist family from Lille, the Savoyes

? Our opinion on this visit

  • It is fascinating for anyone interested in architecture or for those who are unfamiliar with Le Corbusier's work
  • It allows to to make the youngest aware of architecture and the phenomenon of Le Corbusier, architect, but also urban planner, decorator, sculptor and painter
  • You can download the children's booklet before your visit: it tells the children the history of this house, presents Le Corbusier, the villa in the form of little quizzes and games

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