Theatre - ideal from 12 years old

"Dernier coup de ciseau", a worldwide success for this hilarious play in which the audience is the hero

  • WE LOVE Molière for the best comedy. 1000+ performances
  • AGEideal from 12 years old
  • DATES Until November 30, 2024
  • PLACE Théâtre des Mathurins (Paris 8e)
  • Molière of the best comedy. 1000 th! That's saying everything ...
  • A hairdresser, a murder, a cop, suspects ... It's up to you to solve the investigation.
  • The play whose audience is the hero, a hilarious comedy.
  • A murder is committed every night and it is up to the public to resolve the investigation!
  • 30 years of success and Guinness longevity records in the USA! More than 9 million viewers around the world!
  • A 2h show

Last Scissors, the hilarious boulevard play

At the theater in Paris, at the moment or soon...

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