The promise of dawn

  • WE LOVE : this beautiful adaptation of Romain Gary's novel
  • AGE : from 12 years
  • DATE: until March 6, 2022
  • RATE from 21€
  • LOCATION: Théâtre du Lucernaire (Paris 6e)
the promise of dawn, revived at the Lucernaire theater

La promesse de l'aube (The Promise of Dawn): a monument of French literature, aptly adapted for our greatest pleasure.

"With maternal love, life makes you a promise at dawn that it never keeps. Then you have to eat cold for the rest of your life".

  • In his magnificent book "The Promise of Dawn", Romain Gary recounts his youth, his uprooting, his relationship with his mother, who raised him alone, and her dream of greatness for him.
  • Throughout his life, Romain Gary never stopped trying to live up to this dream...
  • From a mother smothered in love to a mischievous cleaning lady, from the great De Gaulle to a gallery of small-town Parisians going through the terrible war, Franck Desmedt, alone on stage, virtuously retraces the itinerary of one of French literature's most mysterious authors, the only one to have won the Prix Goncourt twice.
  • A repeat of last year's success

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