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: A very funny show that speaks to pre-teens
Age :  ideal for ages 9 - 12
Duration:  Until March 29, 2021
Location:   Grand Point Virgule Theater (Paris 15th)
the play Ados, theatre for pre-teens at the Grand Point Virgule in Paris
  • Resume of this show where for the first time teenagers talk to pre-teens
  • Big success with already more than 350,000 performances
  • Here's one play for pre-teens, teenagers where 3 teens talk about what concerns them, and who probably worries their audience ...
  • In the play Teen, 3 teens complexed and filled with acne, Naf-Naf, Nif-Nif and Nouf-Nouf (inspired by the story of the three little pigs), are caricatures of a son of dad, a gothic and of a young butter. They represent, each in his own way, the perfect stereotype of the young male obsessed with girls, badly in his skin and insulting constantly ...
  • It's not not always very fine, but it works and it's funny.
  • The three actors have an overflowing energy. They jump, sing and win over each other. The comedian pepper offsets a scenario, let's face it, sometimes a little light. Okay, this is not great literature, but this remix of "Three Little Pigs" is a pretext to gently mock the ungrateful age, with a lot of visual gags
  • A crazy show and stripper
  • A show of 1:15
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