Festive and free weekend from June 7th to 9th
To educate young and old in the marine environment
At the Tropical Aquarium + at the Jardin des Plantes

Ocean Festival

We like: an exceptional program with exhibitions, workshops, screenings, film-concerts, shows and performances
LOCATIONS : At the Tropical Aquarium and the Jardin des Plantes
Rates : FREE

The goal of Ocean Day:

  • the Garden of plants and the Tropical Aquarium join forces for this festive weekend
  • The objective is to make everyone, young and old, aware of the environmental issues of the oceans
  • During this weekend dedicated to the oceans they try to answer the question "What to do to protect the oceans?"

On the program of the Oceans Festival:

  • A very family-oriented outing with attractions for young and old
  • For the youngest, from 3 years old : artistic creation workshops, children's movies, storytelling visits...
  • For the older ones Ciné concert, surveys and concert, performances...

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