Molière 2023 Young Audience nomination

Space Wars, the worst counter-attack

  • WE LOVE : a very funny, energetic and wacky show
  • AGE : from 5 years
  • DATE: from 06/10/2024 to 04/01/2025
  • DURATION: 1:30
  • LOCATION: at the Théâtre Michel (8th)
  • In a 3D video settingyou'll find 5 multi-faceted actors, robots oozing nuts, lightsabers with and without batteries, a leek and even, for the 1st time in a show for young audiences : real holograms !
  • In Lord Bad Bador's imperial shuttle, Princess Sheila tries to escape from the Imperial Soldiers in pursuit... Before being caught, she manages to send a cry for help to her old friend Obione Two Three. With the support of his young disciple, Jean-Luc Walker, he decides to go to her rescue.
  • Can they free her? Why is Bad Bador after the Princess? Does light speed work in the dark? Does Superman have any spare red briefs? And above all, will Jean-Luc Walker find the strength... to stop his adolescent crisis? You'll find all the answers to these questions and many more, when you board our intergalactic shuttle with our heroes. direction ... Space Wars !!
  • Space Warsthe 1st Intergalactic parody for kids, teens and droids 

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