A grandiose historical reconstruction of the 1st Empire
September 24 & 25, 2022

4th Imperial Jubilee in Rueil-Malmaison

  • WE LOVE : a grandiose historical reconstruction of life under Napoleon and Josephine
  • WHEN:  September 24 and 25, 2022
  • LOCATION:   city of Rueil Malmaison (92)
  • AGE :   for everyone
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The Imperial Jubilee in Rueil Malmaison is a great celebration of historical re-enactment

  • The Imperial Jubilee is a grandiose event in the heart of the city of Rueil Malmaison
  • It is a great historical re-enactment festival with 800 soldiers, 100 horsemen, 600 musicians and 150 animations
  • The extraordinary world of the early Empire is reconstituted. More than 150 animations tell the story of daily life, both civil and military, and of life at the imperial court.
  • On the program of these 2 days of festivities:
  • The presentation of numerous tableaux vivants, a grandiose Empire bivouac, parades, brass bands, exhibitions...
  • An exceptional reconstruction of the ceremony of the distribution of the eagles with more than 800 soldiers who will swear to the Emperor
  • The most important historical parade ever seen in Europe with more than 2000 people (horsemen, soldiers, musicians ...).
  • A concert of brass bands
  • A great fireworks display
  • A costumed walk where you are all invited to parade in your best period costumes.

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